Do you manage a team and need help managing in a way that keeps or helps you become profitable? 


Do you have a team member issue that you are unsure of how to resolve?


Do you need help creating a hiring system that works for your individual business?


Do you lead your team as a leader or a manager? Do you want to learn to grow your leadership?


What does a session look like? 

-Once you purchase your session, Erika will reach out to schedule a time for the call. 

-The call is scheduled. 

-You will be emailed a pre-assignment to complete before the call. 

-Erika will call you at the scheduled time. 

-Each call will be unique to the goal that is trying to be achieved.


Some business owners may only need one call whereas others may need many calls. 

1:1 People Manager Coaching Calls


    Email or text Erika if you have questions!

    (720) 297-0002

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