This is a one-time, non-refundable drop-shipping store set-up. You may see a sample store here. Once you complete this payment, we will reach out to you for more information in order to complete the set-up. 


You may only add 5 products to start and once you generate at least $1,000 in gross sales, we can add more items. 


Please note:

Your store must generate at least $150 in product purchases each month to stay active.

If your store sales drop below $150 per month for 2 months in a row, your store will be closed and there is no refund on the set-up fee. 

Dropshipping Store Set-Up

Commission Type
  • Once your client orders and receives their product, we will not be involved in returns or exchanges. If they would like to return or exchange a product, they will do that through your salon. We have a standard return policy listed on your dropshipping page but if you would like to edit it, just email us at 

Email or text Erika if you have questions!

(720) 297-0002

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