This top selling 5ml is a premium deep black color low humidity (under 30%) 1-2 second dry eyelash extension glue that can be purchased individually or wholesale. This can be used for:


  • top eyelash extensions
  • bottom eyelash extensions
  • classic lash extensions
  • volume lash extensions
  • Russian volume lash extensions
  • faux mink individual lashes




The eyelash glue comes unlabeled so you can add your own logo to them, use them unlabeled, or if you would like your own logo added by us, please choose "add my logo" when you order and submit your logo at the top of this page.



Ethyl 2- Cyanoacrylate, Alkox2-Cyanoacrylate, pigment, N-methyl pyrrolidone

MSDS Sheet



This glue will stay good for 6 months unopened in a dark, low humidity, and room temperature, location. DO NOT REFRIGERATE!


Looking for a single bottle of this glue? Buy here.


We strive to sell the best wholesale lash kits, glue, and lash accessories.



We strive to sell the best wholesale lashes, glue, and lash accessories. 


**5-Pack** Quick-Dry BLACK Private Labeled Oil-Resistant Lash Extension Glue

# Bottles
  • Ethyl 2- Cyanoacrylate



    N-methyl pyrrolidone

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