This cream lash extension remover works fast and is so gentle! The cream is thick and effective and will make your removal service under 15 minutes. 



  • Client removes contact lenses. 
  • Apply an undereye pads (purchase here) 
  • Client closes their eyes for entire service. 
  • Apply cream remover to entire lash with a microfiber wand or eyeshadow brush
  • Let sit for 5-10 minutes
  • Remove with microfiber wands until all gone
  • Clean lashes with this gentle lash cleanser (purchase here)
  • Flush eyes with a saline solution if the client experiences any burning.

Gentle Lash Remover Cream: Starts @

# Bottles
  • gamma-butyrolactone, montmorillonite, copolymer, perfume. 

Email or text Erika if you have questions!

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