Benefits of Lash Extensions Over Lash Strips

As a professional eyelash technician, you know that your clients often have natural lashes that are skimpier and less lush than they’d like them to be. You also know the dramatic way eyelash extensions can transform someone’s face, highlighting their beautiful eyes and giving them the lashes of their dreams.

If your prospective clients are on the fence about trying eyelash extensions, they may be wondering why they should commit to the cost and time required when they could simply buy cheap strip lashes and glue them on themselves at home. When explaining the benefits of eyelash extensions compared to false strip lashes, here are some things to emphasize:

  • Extensions look much more natural. Strip lashes are known for their obviously fake, stiff appearance. Eyelash extensions look natural, and can be customized to be more or less dramatic, depending on your customer’s preferences.

  • Extensions feel lighter and more comfortable. Since they’re glued individually instead of attached to a heavy strip, they feel weightless. Your clients shouldn’t even know their extensions are there (except when they look in the mirror and go “Wow!”).

  • Unless your client has a very steady hand and a lot of practice, they will make mistakes when applying strip lashes. Strip lashes leave many people feeling clumsy and frustrated. Let your clients know that when they have eyelash extensions applied they are in the hands of a professional. They can simply lay back and relax while you work your magic.

  • Strip lashes can fall off at the worst possible time. Instead of falling off one at a time as part of the natural lash cycle, like extensions, strip lashes can come loose and fall off all at once. This can be very embarrassing on a date or during a meeting, for example.

​Once your clients try eyelash extensions, they’ll be hooked and never look back at strip lashes.

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