How to respond to an unhappy client

No matter how good you are at your job, from time to time you will have to deal with an unhappy eyelash client. Not only does dealing with an upset client feel uncomfortable for most of us, but if not responded to in the right way it can hurt your business’s reputation. The last thing you want is for a client who isn’t happy with your work to tell everyone they know or post a mean Yelp review for the whole world to see. Here are a few tips for doing damage control and responding professionally to an unhappy client:

Listen Before You React

It can be tempting to react immediately and defensively when someone complains. After all, you are proud of your work and it feels unjust when someone criticizes it. But instead of giving in to the urge to be defensive, focus on listening. Why are they unhappy? Have a calm conversation where you do most of the listening. Do they have any points you agree with? Perhaps, for example, they asked for natural-looking lashes and the ones you gave them are a bit on the dramatic side.

You don’t need to admit to anything right off the bat, but simply listen in a non-aggressive, receptive, and empathetic way. By doing so you will learn all the critical facts about their complaint, and you may actually defuse their anger at the same time. Sometimes people just want to be heard.

Offer a Solution

The solution that feels best for both you and the client will vary depending on the situation. In some cases, offering a discount on their next fill might do the trick. In more drastic situations, you may need to offer to start their lashes over from scratch. While it can be tiresome to do extra work for free, it is well worth it if it protects your business from the wrath of an angry customer.

They will most likely appreciate your gesture and you may even gain more return business and referrals because you were so accommodating. Aim to never send a client home until they’re happy with their lashes.

Do Online Damage Control

Sometimes no matter how well you listen to your client or what solutions you offer, they insist on staying angry and posting a negative review. This often says more about them and their happiness level than it does about your business, so try not to take it personally. Instead, do a little light damage control by posting a polite response to their review.

For example, you can say that you are sorry they are unhappy and mention the solution you offered them and that most of your clients are very happy with your services. Then, encourage your happy clients to leave reviews. You may want to offer a small incentive for this, like a 10% discount the next time they book a fill. Soon, the glowing reviews will drown out the bad one.

Dealing with an unhappy client is never fun, but it can be a great learning experience. Look at this as an opportunity to do even better work in the future.

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