Proper Ergonomics for Lash Stylists

After a long day of applying beautiful eyelash extensions do you feel totally worn out? Your back is sore, your shoulders are tight, and you have no energy. The truth is that without paying attention to proper ergonomics, the life of an esthetician or lash stylist can easily lead to back problems, stiffness, and generally feeling tired and worn down. After all, you spend long hours sitting in a leaning forward position, meticulously applying eyelashes. Here are some ideas for counteracting this:

Get a Good Stretch

You might be amazed by how much strain your body can take as long as you let it stretch properly. Schedule your clients in a way that gives you a small break in between each one. In addition to running to the restroom, drinking some water, and walking around a bit, use this time to deeply stretch your hard-working limbs and muscles. These stretches for shoulders and back are a great place to start.

Another important way to counteract sore muscles is to take yoga or pilates classes on your days off. Not only will your entire body feel stretched, but you will build stronger core muscles, which will help with your posture and reduce soreness from happening in the first place.

Use the Right Chair

An ergonomic spa chair can make all the difference when it comes to preventing back pain. We really love this one, which is fully adjustable, comfy, and offers excellent back support. It’s also nice and low profile, so it won’t take up much space. Be sure to spend some time playing around with the height and seat tilt until you feel comfortable and like you can apply eyelashes easily without placing strain on your body.

Wear the Right Undergarments

Supportive undergarments can help your posture, reduce back and shoulder strain, and generally help you feel more energized. This high-tech bra provides posture cues, back support, and can be comfortably worn all day. The company even offers free return shipping if you need a different size.

Sit Correctly

Be sure to pay attention to your posture and how you hold your shoulders, neck, and head while you work. If needed, adjust your seat or the client’s position so that you don’t have to lean forward to the point of creating strain or tension. Hold your core in and shoulders back.

Being an esthetician doesn’t have to leave you feeling physically miserable at the end of your work day. Once you begin paying more attention to ergonomics while you work, you’ll soon find that your body and mind feel much more relaxed and energized.

Always ask if your lash artist is Safe Lash Certified.

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