8 Cheap Marketing Ideas For Lash Extension Business That Work

Lash Artist Marketing Ideas

1. Optimize your eyelash extension salon website. There is no need to hire a SEO specialist to improve your visibility on search engines. Look-up keywords in our industry, update your title tags and meta descriptions on your website, and keep content focused and organized so your clients (and Google) find value in it.

2. Create a blog. This is time consuming but, writing content that is valuable to your clients and potential clients is a great way to keep your website fresh!

3. Offer guest posts. Reach out to other businesses in your area and ask if you could write a guest post on their blog and, ask if they want to write one for your blog. This can help create a great partnership with cross-referrals. It also helps your SEO. Just remember to link to your website in your blog post.

4. Answer questions on forums. Check out your local neighborhood forums and comment. Share your expertise. Potential clients find a lot of value in free and interesting information.

4. Go old school with press releases. Launching a new service? Put together a press release and send it out to the local news.

5. Consider postcard mailers. Send out postcards. They are a lot cheaper than mailers. Put them in an envelope and hand write the address for a higher open rate.

6. Create promotional campaigns with other local businesses. Find local businesses in your area whose products or services go hand-in-hand, yet don’t compete, with yours. Such as a hair salon, nail salon, boutique, etc. Create a a joint marketing campaign, sharing the costs and the benefits.

7. Free trials and samples. Promote trials and samples in-store and through your business’s social media sites to draw customers in. Free volume eyelash extension upgraded Tuesday or a free brow was with your full set, and typically results in additional sales.

8. Promote your unique value through a third-party. Have you heard of the International Safe Lash Institute? Having the Safe Lash Certified designation helps draw more clients to your lash salon. Clients can find your information through the institute's website.

You can market your business on a small budget. You just have to get creative and have some fun with it!



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