It's The Little Things: Making Your Lash Clients Feel Special

Even if your eyelash extension skills are stellar and you provide a very high quality service, you may have trouble keeping clients if you don’t make them feel special and appreciated. What makes someone choose you over another lash stylist is partly about the lashes themselves, and partly about the overall experience and the way they feel when they’re around you.

If your clients’ experience with you is unique and special, they will keep coming back instead of hopping from one stylist to another based on whoever is offering a special that month. And the more they enjoy their time with you, the more likely they are to recommend you to friends.

To make your clients feel special, just try incorporating some of these ideas into your eyelash extension business:

Warm Welcome Lash Artist

Start with a Warm Welcome

When your clients arrive, they should be greeted warmly and promptly. If you have a receptionist, make sure they are trained to say hello with a smile, and offer a glass of water or cup of tea. No one likes to sit there awkwardly being ignored for ten minutes by a too-busy lash stylist or receptionist.

Offer Consultations for New Clients

Look at full sets as a chance to start a new long-term business relationship, instead of as a one-off service. Offer new clients a ten minute consultation before you begin working on their lashes. This way you can find out if they’ve ever had eyelash extensions before (and explain what to expect if they haven’t), if they want a more natural look or something more dramatic and glam, and if they have any concerns. You can also use this as an opportunity to encourage them to book their first fill. Don’t forget to offer new clients an aftercare kit after their lashes are done. These little details will help you stand out from the pack.

birthdays lash artist

Keep a Birthday Calendar

A fun way to make clients feel special is to remember their birthdays. Simply include a birthdate field in their intake paperwork, and use that info to create a birthday calendar. You may want to send a card in the mail with a sweet handwritten note for client birthdays, or offer a birthday discount or upgrade.

Get to Know Your Clients

When business picks up, clients can begin to turn into a blur and it can become hard to remember everyone. But the key to making your clients feel special is remembering them, making genuine connections with them whenever possible, and making them feel like you care about them. Look at your appointments with lash clients as a chance to get to know and connect with another human being you might not otherwise meet. If you have to, you can even take a few quick notes about each client on your tablet or in a notebook so you remember specific things to ask them the next time you see them.

Set the Right Ambience

What sets you apart from an amateur lash stylist operating out of a loud, cramped salon? Besides the quality of your lash extensions, it should also be the ambience you offer your clients. Keep your space clean, clutter-free, and soothing. Play relaxing music, invest in good lighting, and make sure your clients are comfortable.

Accommodate Them if They Want to Relax

Some clients look forward to chatting with their lash stylist during their fills, while others just want a chance to relax quietly, be alone with their thoughts, and perhaps take a nap. If a client seems like they’re in more of a quiet mood, accommodate that instead of trying to force a conversation.

It takes time and effort to make your clients feel truly special, but this will pay off in more repeat business and referrals, as well as a happier, more genuine feel for your business.

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