Taking Care of Yourself as a Lash Stylist

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You spend so much time each week taking care of your lash extension clients, making sure they feel beautiful. But what about yourself? If you hope to have a long career as an aesthetician taking great care of yourself is crucial. Otherwise, you will get burned out, and possibly develop back problems and other issues. By taking good care of yourself, you will be happier, healthier, and able to keep doing lashes for as many years as you want to.

Here are some ideas for taking better care of yourself as a lash stylist:

  • Stretch between clients. Be sure to space out your appointments in a way that allows you to take at least a quick break in between clients. Stretch your arms, shoulders, neck, and back. Then walk around, use the restroom, and grab some water and a healthy snack. You will feel refreshed both mentally and physically, making your work days go by much more enjoyably.

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  • Wear glasses if you need them. The tiny, delicate detail work of eyelash extensions requires a lot from your eyes. Get annual eye appointments to make sure your eyes are still in great shape, and to update your glasses prescription if you need to. Glasses are better for work than contacts, since contacts can lead to dry, strained eyes. Eat plenty of yummy veggies full of beta carotene, like carrots and sweet potatoes.

  • Get into yoga. Taking yoga classes on your off time can help strengthen your core, improving your posture and making the long hours of sitting much easier. Yoga can also tone your body, increase your flexibility, and help you relax.

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  • Replenish with water. Always keep a bottle of cool, refreshing water next to you while you work, or grab a glass of water in between clients. Staying hydrated will keep you alert and awake. Plus, drinking plenty of water has tons of fringe benefits like helping you look younger.

  • Invest in an ergonomic chair. Your back will definitely thank you for this one. When you spend so much time sitting and leaning over your clients, you need a high quality stylist chair designed to support you properly and promote good posture.

  • Don’t forget your mental health. Spending so much time listening to your clients talk about their lives can begin to feel draining after a while if you don’t already have your own emotional needs met. Write in a journal, see a therapist if necessary, spend time with close friends who make you feel energized and happy, and take time each day to unwind. The more you fill your own cup, the more easily you will be able to connect with your clients.

  • Support your posture with an Intelliskin sports bra. These amazing bras are designed to provide your body with the support it needs while also encouraging great posture all day, which should lead to your body feeling much less tired at the end of the day.

What other ways can you think of to pamper and take care of yourselves as lash stylists?

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