Tips for Upselling Your Lash Clients

The art of upselling your lash clients is important to your overall success. Adding on additional services or upgrades is a great business practice because it increases the profitability of your existing clients, while matching them with products and services they’ll love. Upselling can be easy if handled with subtlety and timing, because you’ve already done the hard work of winning the customer’s business.

Here are a few ideas for effectively upselling your lash clients:

Focus on convenience. Most of your customers lead busy lives and are always looking for ways to streamline their routine. Mention upgrades in terms of the convenience they offer. For example, if your customer has been getting classic lash fills every two weeks, you may want to mention that volume lashes tend to last longer. If your salon also offers nail services, market the convenience and efficiency of being able to get a manicure at the same time as lashes.

Personalize Your Suggestions. While it can be helpful to have basic upselling scripts you use on clients, it’s important to personalize and customize your suggestions. Personalized suggestions may include suggesting a lash tint to a customer with very fair lashes, brow shaping to a customer with unruly eyebrows, and fuller, more dramatic lashes to a customer who has mentioned her look needs a pick-me-up.

Demonstrate Your Products. The best way to sell products is often to use them and (subtly) talk them up as you do so. When cleansing a client’s lashes, point out the lash cleaner you are using and how it’s safe for extensions and full of vitamins that help lashes grow stronger and longer. If you sell lotions and aromatherapy products, start your fills with a quick temple or hand massage using your own products.

Offer Incentives. Offering promotions or loyalty programs for services that a client hasn’t tried before is a great way to get them to add on new services to their beauty regimen. Maybe a client has been on the fence about switching to volume lashes, but once they see they will earn a free fill after paying for nine, they decide to take the plunge.

Do you have any ideas for upselling that have worked well at your lash salon? Please share them with us!

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