Business Advice for Lash Artists: Don't Overlook Retail!


Sometimes lash artists think they can only make a certain, limited amount of money. After all, you can only take on so many clients in a day, right? The key to boosting your income as a lash artist is to get creative and find new ways to add to your income beyond the services you provide. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of retail sales.

Why Retail?

Forming relationships with companies who want to sell their products in your lash studio is a great way to boost your sales. The profit margins tend to be much higher with retail than they are with services, and the time commitment is low. If you choose great products that are packaged nicely, they practically sell themselves, making retail an easy way to earn more without sacrificing your time.

I think this book, Retail 101, is a great way to get some good ideas!

Decide on Your Products

When choosing products to sell in your lash studio, think carefully about what your clients will be most excited to purchase. It’s also wise to focus on selling products you feel good about and that are on-brand for your business and the image you’d like to convey. Paying attention to the social responsibility of the companies you work with is a great way to build a reputation as an ethical local business. Here are a few ideas:

  • Good quality lash cleanser or lash care kits to help your clients take better care of their lashes.

  • Local, organic bath and body products

  • Cute gift items such as makeup bags with goodies inside or beautiful, yummy-smelling candles

Presentation Matters

Choose retail items with nice packaging, or buy wholesale items you can package cutely on your own. Make sure the retail section of your store is clean, uncluttered, nicely decorated, and arranged in a pleasing way. Arranging retail items near the cash register and in the waiting room is a great way to catch the attention of clients who already have their credit cards in hand. If merchandising and decor aren’t your strong suits, consider hiring a professional (or a friend with a great eye for design) to handle this for you.

Adding retail sales to your lash business in 2018 could be just the ticket for taking your profits to the next level!

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