How to Use Instagram as Lash Artist


As a beauty industry professional, Instagram can be one of your best tools for attracting new clients as well as engaging your existing ones. With 700 million active users, just creating an Instagram account can really help you expand your brand reach and find new clients who are curious about lash extensions. Instagram is the most visual social media platform, which makes it a great fit for lash artists wanting to show off their work. And best of all, it’s free!

Before you start uploading pics to your new Instagram account, be sure to follow these tips:

Practice Makes Perfect

Unless you have a photography background, chances are you will need to put in some practice with photographing your lash extensions before you end up with Instagram-worthy photos. Practice with your lash team or if you are a solo lash artist, find friends to model for you in exchange for discounted lashes. Practice with different angles, backgrounds, and photo settings. A few pointers for getting more professional looking lash photos:

  • Avoid a messy background. If your client is standing, have them stand in front of a solid white or similarly clean background so the focus is on the lashes. If they are lying down, be sure to clean up your lash tools and remove any loose lashes from their cheeks.

  • Natural light is usually best. If possible, take your photos in daylight close to a window for the most beautiful and flattering photos.

  • Stage photos of your studio. If you lash in your own studio space, mix up the lash photos with some of your space. Be sure to stage the photos first by de-cluttering and decorating in an appealing way.

Use The Right #Hashtags

Many Instagram users find businesses to follow by clicking on hashtags. You should definitely hashtag your business name, but also add more general hashtags people are likely to click on, like #lashes, #lashlove, #eyelashextensions, #lashnap . . . you get the idea.

Follow Away

Like other social media platforms, Instagram is meant to be interactive and it’s bad form to expect followers without following anyone yourself. Follow your clients, local social media influencers, your fellow lash artists, other beauty industry pros, and anyone you’d like to network with. Spend time each week liking and commenting on photos in your feed.

Lightly Edit Your Photos

Getting photos that really show off your lash extensions while also being flattering can be tricky. Sometimes the best photos of lashes are taken at angles that make your lovely clients look like they have double chins, or involve close-ups of pores and wrinkles. This will make your clients less interested in agreeing to photos and it also distracts from your lash work. Use a photo editing app to lightly tune up your photos as needed.

Mix Up Your Feed

To keep your followers interested, be sure to mix up your feed. In addition to lash photos, include shots of your staff, your studio, and inspirational or funny beauty-related quotes.

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