Choosing the right brand colors for your lash business.

Choosing the right brand colors for your lash business.

You are starting a lash extension business and in addition to creating your logo, you need to decide what your brand colors will be. This can be a really hard decision. I’m here to help give you some guidance with color theory in branding.

Let's go through the colors:

is full of excitement, energy, and said to be youthful and bold. It is also said to make people hungry or angry and is associated with stopping.
Red has also been known to increase the heart rate of shoppers and portray the message of "RIGHT NOW". Red is great for reaching impulse buyers and is best used as an accent to other colors, rather than on its own as it can be too intense.


is said to be cheerful, fun, playful and have confidence. It is also fun, whimsical, childlike, friendly, spontaneous, glowing, hot, and persuasive. Orange is a great color to use on call-to-action buttons as it catches the eye but is more cheerful and less urgent than red. Too much orange can be overwhelming.



has optimism, fun, positive, clarity and warmth. It is also joyful, illuminating, nourishing, sunny, sweet, stimulating, innovative, energetic, hot, surprising, or can bring awareness. Retailers use it to entice window shoppers, while lighter shades work well for kids. Yellow pops!



Green is said to be peaceful and associated with growth and health. It can also be nature, calm, quiet, fresh, lush, soothing, renewal, balance, life, and fertility. It has been proven to instill a sense of wealth, and is sometimes used in shops to help customers chill out.



is associated with trust, dependability and strength. Some other words (again, depending on the shade) can be calm, quiet, water, clean, peaceful, reassuring, serene, transcendent, open, sophisticated, confident, tasteful, cool, credible, authoritative, classic, traditional, nautical, or professional. This is the most widely used logo color.

Be careful though because some shades of blue can be perceived as depressing and cold.