Dealing with Difficult Clients: Part 1-The Unrealistic Client

Dealing with Difficult Clients: Part 1-The Unrealistic Client

One of the unfortunate inevitable aspects of being a busy lash artist is that you will have a difficult client from time to time. There are a few types of difficult clients that I will go over in this multi-part series. I will share my own and other lash artists’ experiences. And, advice about how to communicate, and manage, or sever the relationship.

The Unrealistic Client

Let’s face it, some people are just unrealistic! They have tiny, thin and sparse natural lashes and come in wanting OMG VA-VA-VOOM Kim K or Kylie Jenner eyelashes. Uh…hello, I am a lash artist, not a freakin’ eye hair magician! So, how do you level with the client and help them understand realistically what’s possible for them?

  • Start your first appointment with a consultation reviewing your lash philosophy, how you are going to apply the lashes and what safe eyelash extension application entails.

  • After your review, chat with them about their lash goals and realistically what they can expect given the state of their natural eyelashes.

  • If they want more dramatic lashes but did not book enough time, let them know at the beginning of the appointment that you will strive to get as many lashes applied as you can in the set amount of time they booked and that they may consider booking more time within the next week or so to get them fuller.

  • When you show them the mirror at the end of the appointment, explain that you got them as full as you could within the time frame they booked. And ask if they would like anything adjusted before they leave. What does this important step accomplish?

  • This gives them the opportunity to give you feedback and correct anything if needed.

  • This creates the moment to reiterate that they may need to book more time if they would like a fuller look and/or it is not possible to get them any fuller, because their lashes cannot handle more weight or they are completely “lashed-up”.

So you did all of this and they are still unhappy with the work you are able to safely do?

Explain, “I want you to feel beautiful in your lashes. I have an ethical duty to only apply what your natural lashes can handle and unfortunately, I am unable to safely apply them in a way that makes them appear any fuller than they are, I encourage you to check out some other lash artists in the area to see if they are a better fit and if those don’t work out, I’d love to have you come back to see me.”