Finding Work-Life Balance as a Lash Artist

As your lash business grows and you become busier and busier, your work-life balance may start to fall by the wayside. After all, you may find that it’s hard to turn away business when you could always use more money.

The problem is that if you don’t give yourself enough time off, you will soon feel exhausted, get sick more often, and maybe even stop enjoying your lash business. Instead, make a point of having a balanced, healthy life that includes plenty of soul-nourishing free time.

Don’t Work Every Day

If possible, take two days off per week, but if you can’t manage that at least have one dedicated day off no matter what. Yes, you could book appointments on that day and make more money, but you will only end up totally burned out. You need a full day to sleep in if you feel like it, relax, run errands, catch up with friends, and not worry about work. When you return to work the next day you will feel energized and ready to go.

Delegate Tasks as Needed

Trying to do everything yourself is the quickest path to burnout. If you own your own lash studio, it’s important to hire staff you trust and train them so well they can handle things on their own when you need an afternoon off. Delegating tasks outside of work can also free up your time so you have a more balanced and less stressful schedule. This may mean splurging on a monthly house cleaning service or paying a dog walker to walk your pup once a day.

Practice Good Self Care

You can’t take good care of your clients if you’ve completely neglected your own needs and feel sick and worn out. Self care means things like stretching in between lash appointments to prevent sore, achy muscles, eating a diet full of fresh veggies for energy, and de-stressing with yoga or meditation each night.

Get a Change of Scenery

Getting out of town to have adventures and explore a new city, national park, or country is a great way to get perspective and feel more invigorated by life. Our founder and Master Lash Artist Erika loves to travel and in fact she’s excited to visit beautiful Colombia in South America next month. When your budget and time constraints won’t allow for exotic getaways, you can still feel refreshed by a weekend away to a local campsite or even a staycation in your own town where you explore like a tourist!

Don’t Neglect Loved Ones

Don’t fall into the workaholic trap of working so much you never have time to spend with your loved ones. Work to live instead of living to work, and remember that relationships are what make life worth living. Schedule a date night with your honey, finally take your mom to lunch like you’ve been saying you would, or catch up with an old girlfriend over a cup of chai.

To all of our fellow lash artists: what about you? Do you struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance? What are your favorite ways to have a more balanced schedule and life?