Green and Detoxify your Lash Salon or Studio

Green and Detoxify your Lash Salon or Studio

Creating a more green, enviromentally-friendly, and healthy eyelash salon is good for you, your staff, your clients, and the world.

What changes can you make to become more enviromentally and health-friendly at your lash studio?

1. Spray your lash station with rubbing alcohol instead of Lysol.

2. Use natural cleaning supplies.

Natural lash studio all-purpose cleaner:

Add 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup water, 10 drops pure lavender oil to a squirt bottle. When cleaning, use a reusable microfiber rag and this solution to clean all surfaces.

3. Use natural hand soap. It cleans just as well as regular chemical hand soap, is enviromentally-friendly, and is much better for you and your staff's health.

Read the FDA's stance on the risks of using anti-bacterial soaps.

4. Use clean towels instead of paper towels. Wash your towels with a natural detergent.

5. Mop with natural floor cleaner.

6. Use essential oils in a diffuser instead of air fresheners.

Read why you shouldn't use air fresheners.

7. Wear a reusable mask.

8. Use a natural hand sanitizer.

Your long-term health, your staff's long-term health, and the environment should be a priority in your business! Questions about how to make your lash salon more environmentally and health-friendly, please ask!