Low-Cost Ways to Detoxify Your Lash Salon

More clients and employees are desiring a less chemical-laden salon. Creating a greener, environmentally friendly, and healthy eyelash salon is good for you, your staff, your clients, and the world.

What changes can you make to become more environmentally and health-friendly at your lash studio?

1. Spray your lash station with rubbing alcohol instead of Lysol. Just buy a spray bottle and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Your lungs will thank you! Bonus: this will save you money as well!

2. Buy natural cleaning supplies or better yet, just make your own lash salon all-purpose cleaner and save money and reduce plastic use. Use the following recipe to make your own natural cleaner.

Natural lash studio all-purpose cleaner: Add 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup water, 10 drops of pure lavender oil to a squirt bottle. When cleaning, use a reusable microfiber rag and this solution to clean all surfaces.

3. Use natural hand soap. It cleans just as well as regular chemical hand soap, is environmentally friendly, and is much better for you and your staff's health.

Read the FDA's stance on the risks of using antibacterial soaps.

4. Use clean towels instead of paper towels. Wash your towels with a natural detergent and in hot water.

5. Mop with natural floor cleaner or use a water/vinegar mixture.

6. Use essential oils in a diffuser instead of air fresheners and open the windows if possible to allow fresh air inside. Read why you shouldn't use air fresheners.

7. Wear a reusable mask.

8. Use a natural hand sanitizer or simply. add rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle and spray your hands.

9. Use witch hazel instead of a lash primer or protein remover before you apply the lash extensions. BONUS: making this switch also tends to reduce instances of lash extension allergies.

10. Have air-purifying plants in your salon. Many don't require much light such as spider plants which remove low levels of formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the air and are easy to care for. Here are more plants that remove toxins from the air.

11. Vacuum every day and get an air purifier.

12. Recycle and opt for reusable items over disposables when possible.

Your long-term health, your staff's long-term health, and the environment should be a priority in your business! Questions about how to make your lash salon more environmentally and health-friendly, please ask! We are very passionate about the environment and protecting personal health.


Erika Baum, Founder of BrandedLASH and licensed aesthetician

Contact me at erika@brandedlash.com or text me at (720) 729-3555 anytime!