How to stay busy as a lash artist during the slower season

A common question is, when is slow season for a lash artist?

For most lash artists, the slowest months of the year are Feb, March, April, May, August, September, October. The slowest of them all being August and September.

Why are lash artists slow during these months?

Of course, I don't know for sure but my guess is that Feb-May is slower because people are recovering from the holiday season and Aug-Oct is slower because that is when kids go back to school and life slows down a bit. I'd love to hear why you think these months are slower in the comments below!

What do you do to drum up business and use the slower months to your advantage as a lash artist?


The slower months offer us the advantage to get some rest and relaxation ourselves. If you are planning a vacation, these are the best months to travel.

Increase income from current customers coming in

-Ask current customers if they would like to add on a complementary service to their lash fill.

-Increase aftercare product sales. Check out lash cleansers, lash serums, and aftercare kits with your business logo!

Train other lash artists

Training others in eyelash extension application is a great way to make extra money! Buy lash training kits, manuals, and other supplies here to make it super easy to get started!

Work on your business planning

The slower season gives us the opportunity to work on business planning. What type of planning?

-Create marketing materials for the year

-Create Instagram posts and a layout or posting plan

-Create your business mission and vision statements

-Create your 1, 3, and 5 year business goals

-Prepare for the next busy season by getting all those tasks you've been meaning to complete, done!

Please share what else you do during your slow season!

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