Minimizing No Shows for Your Lash Business

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We all get frustrated with no-shows and late cancels. Is this just inevitable or are there steps we can take to minimize them?

Here are some ways you can minimize no-shows and late cancels in your lash practice:

Use Automated Reminders...both email and text.

A lot of booking systems have this built in. Check with your booking system to see if this feature is available.

Allow Pre-Paid Appointments by clients.

  • Require a card on file to hold the appointment.

  • Reward Patients Who Keep Appointments:

  • When a patient no-shows, you can place a small fee on their bill that remains until they schedule and keep the new appointment. For patients who keep their appointments and arrive on time, you can reward them with a small discount on their bill. You can also enter the names of your on-time arrivals into a drawing for a gift card each month.

  • 6. Be Sure to Thank Patients Who Keep Appointments and Arrive On Time:

  • Acknowledging patients for doing the right thing is guaranteed to keep them showing up for scheduled appointments and arriving on time. It helps to build patient loyalty by showing patients that their time and cooperation are appreciated.

Provide a Printed Copy of the Appointment Time:

Even if a patient records a future appointment in a calendar or on a phone, hand them an appointment card (preferably printed to avoid complaints about handwriting) that reminds them of the information. If they protest, let them know it’s just a backup. You can also make magnets with your practice information on them and hand it to the patient as a means of putting the reminder in an easy-to-remember place.

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