Must Read: Your Lash Salon Reopening Plan

As we are preparing to dust off our stations and open our salons back up, we all know it won’t be like it was before we closed. Clients may be fearful to come for your services for a while.

Clients will trust businesses that have a clear reopening plan and can communicate it clearly. This makes them a trustworthy leader.

Before we dive in, let’s look at what may happen if you don’t create a solid reopening plan and communicate it clearly to your clients.

  1. Clients may not trust you are keeping them safe. Thus,

  2. Clients may find someone else who does have a plan in place.

Each state will hopefully be issuing clear guidelines soon, but in the meantime, you’ll want to create your own plan that is even more robust than what may be required. Continue reading to download The Essential Reopening Checklist.


If you don't already have these items in stock, order them now so you are all set when it's time to reopen. Ideally, you will want all these items ordered 2-3 weeks before you reopen.

  1. Reusable masks for your staff (buy here)

  2. Disposable masks for your customers (buy here)

  3. Disposable gloves (buy here)

  4. Forehead thermometer (buy here)

  5. Sanitation wipes (buy here)

  6. Sanitation spray (add 70% or higher rubbing alcohol + water to a spray bottle)

  7. Touchless hand sanitizing dispensers (buy here)

  8. Shoe tray (buy here)

  9. Disposable sheets (buy here)

  10. Exacto knife (buy here)

  11. Double-sided tape (buy here)


It's wonderful if you take all these extra measures, but if your clients aren't aware that you are doing this, they still may not be willing to come in for a while. How do you communicate your plan?

1. Create a written plan.

Here are some suggestions you may want to consider adding to your plan:

-Only taking cards on file instead of actually swiping the credit cards

-Not accepting tips for the time being as a gesture of goodwill and gratitude towards your client

-Change your smock between clients or get disposable smocks

-Have clients wait outside or in their cars until you text them to come in for their appointment.

-Check their temperature when they arrive.

-Suspend your late cancellation fees for a while.

-Limit talking during your appointments.

-Instead of having the client stand there with you to rebook their next appointment, ask them to book on your website or call.

-Ask clients not to bring people with them to their appointment as there is no waiting area.

2. Make the plan visual.

You will want to do this so you can post it on your social media, send via email, and post on your website. If you would like to use this visual below with your logo on it, we will send this to you via email with any order over $25 made between April 21-26, 2020. Just ask for this graphic in your order notes and we will send it complimentary.