6 No-Show and Late Cancellation Solutions for Your Lash Business

6 no-show and late cancellation solutions for your lash business

No shows really put a kink in our schedules and are not great for our bottom line. Here are 6 no-show solutions for your eyelash extension salon or spa.

1. Require a credit card to hold the appointment. A lot of booking systems offer this as a requirement to book the appointment. We use Vagaro at our Denver, Colorado location and they have this feature.

2. Actually charge the late cancellation or no show fee. It's no use having a policy if you give exceptions most of the time. This will also cause you and/or the client to build resentment.

3. Send a reminder 2 or 3 days and again 24 hours before their appointment. A lot of booking systems have this feature built in. If yours doesn't, you can always send a text, email, and/or call to remind the client of their appointment.

4. Send various forms of the reminder. Send an email and a text, or a text and a call. Some clients respond better to one form of communication over another. This way, you cover your bases.

5. Don't set-up the book through Yelp feature on your Yelp business account. When clients book through this link, they are not required a credit card, even if your system typically requires it. Clients who book through Yelp are very typically no-showers.

6. If a client no-shows more than 3 times, require that they pay in full before their appointment moving forward or drop them as a client. Time is money!

If you have any other ideas, leave a comment below!