Phrasing for Tough Situations

We all have tough client or employee situations that come up and sometimes, we are at a loss for what to say. Here are some phrasing ideas for your next tough situation.

Client Complaints

“ I want you to love your lashes and you’ve let us know a couple times that you have not been very happy with the service you’ve received. I don’t think we are a good fit for you but I would love to refer you to another lash studio.”

“I hear that you are unhappy with the service you received on Friday. This is the second time you have left unsatisfied with our services. We strive to provide our clients with the safest and best quality services we can. We want you to leave feeling beautiful. I’m not sure this is the right fit. I’d love to give you a refund for your last service and recommend some other lash studios. “

Employee upset about their pay rate

“ I hear that you feel you deserve more pay and that is a crappy way to feel. At this time, I am just making ends meet and I can’t pay you any more than I am. We may not be the right studio for you at this time. “

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