Real Mink, Synthetic Mink, Silk, Flat Lashes....What's the difference?

Why would you want to take this cutie's life for her fur?

Real Fur from Mink: Very few suppliers still sell real mink lash extensions due to the unethical practices and allergies clients experience.

**Branded LASH does not sell or support the production or sale of real mink eyelash extensions and we are committed to only using manufacturing plants who are also committed to being vegan-friendly.

Synthetic Mink: Most "mink lashes" you hear about are actually synthetic mink lashes made of a material called Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). This material is used in many products, such as toothbrush bristles. Check out our lashes here!

Silk: Sometimes this is used as another name for synthetic mink lash extensions. Unlike their name, they are not actually made of silk but rather, they are made of the same material as synthetic mink lashes (PBT).

Flat/Ellipse: Flat lashes are also made of PBT but are shaped differently than synthetic mink or silk lash extensions. Instead of being cylindrical, they are flat. This allows the lash to appear thicker without added weight. These give a more dramatic/mascaraed-look.