WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Make sure you have a Lash Extension Application Safety Plan

What would you do if you had something go wrong during a lash service??
Make sure you have a lash extension application safety plan, your staff is trained in it, and you have it printed and posted in plain sight somewhere your staff can find it. Time is of the essence.

"Knowing what to do for an eye emergency can save valuable time and possibly prevent vision loss." - Prevent Blindness .org 

It has crossed your mind...what would I do in case of a lash application emergency? Sweat beads puddling at your brow just thinking about it?

I had the unfortunte and terrifying experience of getting a lash tint at a chain lash studio and they temporarily semi-blinded me for 3 days. OMG! It was so scary! And you know why this happened? They didn't have an emergency plan, the proper supplies, and their staff was not trained in how to handle emergencies. My hope and passion is to spread the information you will read below to prevent this from happening at other lash studios.

1. Never do lashes without proper training (your friend teaching you at her house is NOT proper training).

This may sound harsh but here is reality... if you cannot afford to get proper training, DO NOT RISK a person's eye health to make a buck. Wait until you can afford proper training and then start offering this service.

Check out our eyelash extension manual which includes the emergency plans.

2. Stay calm and professional and do not blame the client.

Freaking out will make matters worse for the client. Move swiftly and professionally. This is why preparation is KEY!

3. Have a plan for EVERYTHING that could happen. (download our suggested emergency plan here)

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and go over your plans frequently so you are prepared if/when an emergency arises.

4. Have all emergency products and equipment on hand. (download our suggested list here)

5. Have all your MSDS sheets readily available. (MSDS sheets for our products)
6. Make sure you have insurance and know what it covers. Call them immediately.

7. Follow-up with the client regularly and make sure she/he is okay.

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