Your Salon + The Coronavirus

Your Salon + The Coranavirus

How do you protect your staff and clients while at your lash or brow salon and communicate your efforts to clients?

I have included easy to use resources for you to print out and display.

SANITATION: Hopefully, many of these practices are already in place at your salon. Even after the virus scare is over, these are good practices to keep moving forward.

1. After every service, disinfect every surface that the client or the lash/brow artist touched with a disinfectant wipe AND spray everything with rubbing alcohol.

This includes disinfecting items you may not always consider such as:

- the artist's chair

- the overhead light


-drawer handles

2. Wear a mask. This is a good practice in general so you aren't breathing on a client's face. Although the CDC has stated that this isn't going to save us from the coranvirus, this is a general good hygeine practice.

3. Wash your hands with soap and water (not just hand sanitize) in between every client.

4. Don't touch your face.

5. Use closed-bin garbage cans. They are required by law in most states for salons. If you are not currently using a self-closing garbage can, please invest in one.

6. Have tissues readily available for anyone with a runny nose.

7. Have hand sanitizer conveniently available for client use.

8. Open windows or doors if able to create better ventalition and circulation of air throughout your salon.

9. Keep disinfectant wipes next to the phone and computer and wipe down after every use.

10. NEVER, EVER, EVER reuse lash strips on multiple clients. Always cut the strips for single service use.

11. Wash all your towels and bedding with hot water and on the sanitize cycle.

12. Lay down fresh bedding in-between clients or cover the beds using these disposable sheets.

COMMUNICATION: Communicating your health and wellness policy to clients and staff is very important.

1. Let your staff know that they should not come to work if they are displaying signs of illnesss.