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Why Are Eyelash Extensions so Expensive, Anyway?

Sometimes clients really want to keep up with regular fills, but can’t afford to or don’t want to spend their whole beauty budget for the month on one service. If a client mentions that they can’t afford regular eyelash extension fills, you may want to suggest an alternative, like a lash lift or tint that doesn’t involve quite as much upkeep. But what if someone asks you why their lash extensions are so expensive in the first place? The truth is, that unless you are pricing your services way too low (which isn’t a sustainable business practice), you will get asked this question sometimes. It may come from a client, or from a curious friend or family member. After all, when they see that you

Underbooked? How to Stay Consistently Busy

Underbooked? How to Stay Consistently Busy One of the challenges of being a self-employed lash artist or lash studio owner is that business isn’t always predictable. You may be booked out for weeks and then suddenly face unexpected gaps in your schedule. Since you only get paid when you have clients, this can be anxiety-inducing to say the least. The key is to have strategies in place to take advantage of your down times and to build your business so these lulls happen less often. Here are a few things we’ve found helpful: Never Slack Off on Marketing When you’re super busy, it’s easy to forget all about marketing. This is a problem because it means you aren’t actively finding new clients to

5 Traits That Make a Great Lash Artist

As an aesthetician (or someone dreaming of becoming one), you have probably been wondering if you should get trained in eyelash extensions. As lash extensions continue to explode in popularity, becoming a skilled lash artist can lead to amazing new revenue sources and provide you with as much work as you have time for. Financial motivation isn’t enough reason to become a lash artist, though. Applying lashes properly is a unique art and it’s not for everyone. Here are a few traits you should definitely have in order to find success and fulfillment as a lash artist: A steady hand- This is incredibly fine, detailed work involving teeny-tiny eyelash extensions applied precisely to natural lashes

Tools and Tips for Designing Your Lash Salon Logo

Why Does Your Logo Matter? When you start your own lash business, it’s important to create a unique brand that helps you stand out from the competition. Your business name, your website, your social media pages, and any printed marketing materials should all capture what makes you special as a lash artist. Your marketing should look and feel like you while also being polished, approachable, and appealing to your customers. One great way to help pull all of your marketing together and create brand recognition is to design a beautiful logo for your business. Your logo may seem simple, but it’s actually quite important. With the right logo, customers will recognize your lash studio at a glance.

Offering Impeccable Customer Service to Your Lash Clients

Even if your lash extensions are flawless, shoddy customer service can severely damage your business and reputation. Without great customer service, your reviews will suffer, you will lose out on repeat business, and new customers will be hesitant to choose your services. Luckily, customer service skills can be learned and it’s never too late to improve the professionalism of your lash business. Here are four ideas for offering top-notch customer service to your lash customers: Communicate in a Timely Manner Great customer service is all about making things easy and stress-free for your clients. If you are hard to get ahold of or don’t return phone calls or emails in a timely manner, your pr

No Shows Getting You Down? Why Your Lash Business Needs a Cancellation Policy

No shows can have a serious impact on your bottom line, and even jeopardize the overall success of your lash business. When a client makes an appointment, you hold that time and space for them exclusively, making it impossible for other clients to book an appointment with that lash artist during the same timeframe. So when a client doesn’t show up to their appointment or give enough notice, the spot you had available for them goes to waste. You lose the money you should have received for their lash appointment and your lash artist (whether yourself or a member of your staff) loses out on their tip. This is why a cancellation policy is super important for any lash business. Why Do I Need a Ca

9 Add-On Services to Offer Your Lash Clients

If your lash business is booming, but you still feel like you could be more profitable, it’s time to look at add-on services. Add-on services feel luxurious to clients, aren’t typically much more work for your staff, and can add up to serious extra money each month. They also help transform the feel of your lash studio into a relaxing spa experience. As an added bonus, learning these extra services is a great continuing education opportunity for you and your staff. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for add-on services at your lash studio: Mani-pedi services. Let your clients multitask and save serious time by getting their nails done during their lash appointment! 15 minute hand, scalp an

Top 5 Overlooked Marketing Tips to Grow Your Lash Business

Eyelash extensions continue to grow in popularity as a way to look and feel beautiful on a daily basis. Because everyone now wants lush, gorgeous lashes, becoming a trained and certified lash extension artist can be a very lucrative business for aestheticians. Starting a lash business is only the beginning though- now you need to find a steady stream of clients and grow your business! Here are our favorite tips for accomplishing this: Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Work Eyelash extensions are all about visual appeal, which is why top-notch photos of your extensions are a necessity. If your website, Instagram, and Facebook page feature beautiful lash extension photos, potential clients will fee

3 Tips for Successful Lash Extension Application

We have come up with a few tips for you fellow lash artists out there! We hope they’re helpful! Prevent Lashes from Sticking to Eye Pads I don’t know about you, but it is frustrating to complete a perfect set of lashes, only for them to get messed up when you remove your client’s under eye pads. Here’s a simple tip to prevent this: First, apply the under eye pads and/or tape like you normally would. Next, apply a layer of scotch tape on top of the eye pad. This completely avoid getting eyelashes stuck to eye pads. Now you’ll be worry-free when removing eye pads! Aftercare Be certain you are educating your clients on the proper aftercare for their lashes! Once you finish applying them in the

Eyelash Extensions: Not Just for Women Anymore

When marketing to prospective new clients for your eyelash extension business, don’t focus solely on women and totally overlook the other half of the population. That’s right- even men are beginning to see the benefits of eyelash extensions. Here are some reasons male clients may be interested in trying out eyelash extensions for themselves: Male modeling. Male models need to look their best at all times and they also need their eyes to really pop and stand out in photos. Eyelash extensions are a great way to help accomplish this and make a model’s photos stand out from the competition. Acting. Actors communicate with their eyes, and whether they’re on the stage or on a TV show subtle eyelas

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