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How the LASH CYCLE works...

How the LASH CYCLE works... Your lashes exist for more than just looking pretty. They are there to protect the eye from being harmed by fore

Do Lash Extensions DAMAGE the Natural Lashes?

Do Lash Extensions DAMAGE the Natural Lashes? This is the most asked question by lash artists and clients alike. There is an alarming number of lash artists applying extensions that are too long, too heavy and not using proper isolation techniques. The truth is, properly applied and maintained eyelash extensions will NOT damage natural lashes. The eyelash extension application process is more involved than simply gluing fine plastic to lash hair to make them appear longer or fuller. There is a fine and meticulous art that goes into giving clients the big beautiful and full lashes they love. Every individual natural eyelash should only have either, a single or fanned eyelash extension attache

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