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Eyelash Extension Consent Form

Eyelash Extension Consent Form Do your lash clients sign a consent form before getting eyelash extensions? If not, we definitely recommend that you start now! The more you inform the client of possible risks and have them agree to take those risks, the better protected your business. Keep these on file for at least 5 years. Click here for a FREE eyelash extension consent form. Add your logo to this form and make it your own! BrandedLASH is an eyelash extension supplies company that offers private labeling of lash products, lash training kits, and lash aftercare. We make it easy and affordable to add your logo to lash extension products!

Easy Side Jobs for a Lash Artist

#3: Train others in lash extensions You are great at lashes so why not use this skill to train others? Most trainers charge anywhere from $

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