Lash Glue Rewards 

How does it work?

It's like a punch-card. When you reach 10 Lashology lash glues, we will send you your 11th for FREE! 

How do I sign-up?

It's so easy because you don't need to do anything!

We automatically enroll you into the Lashology rewards program once you buy a Lashology-branded lash glue. We track your purchases and when you reach 10 glues, we will send you your FREE glue!

Which lash glues does this apply to?

BRAND YOUR OWN LASH PRODUCTS & skip the high risks, slow shipping, & large order requirements of overseas manufacturers! 

Return Policy: Within 7 days of receipt of your product, if you would like to return any  qualifying products you receive, you will be required to pay for the return postage and we will issue a store credit once we receive the product (excludes wholesale white label & private labeled products, sale/clearance as those are a final sale).

No cash refunds are given. 

Email or text us if you have questions!

(720) 297-0002

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