Just starting your 
Lash Training Business


Congratulations on starting your own lash training business. Educating and empowering others is a rewarding career. Here are some common first steps and products purchased by those starting a lash training business. 


Create a logo for the training portion of your business.


Subscribe to the online training to provide your students online preparation before your in-person class. We add your logo to the course and give you your own site address and password.


Two weeks before the course date, order the training kits with your logo added. 


Teach your class and give your students a certificate


Start marketing your hybrid lash extension course on your business website, social media platforms, and with local cosmetology and esthetics schools. 


Print your manuals on your own printer or at an office supply store.



Follow up with your students regularly to keep them supplied with your own branded cleansers, lash glue, and remover. 

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