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Lash Artists Share Their #1 Tip for Better Lash Extension Retention

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Lash Artists Share Their #1 Tip for Better Lash Extension Retention

Every lash artist desires excellent lash retention for their clients. Here is what really helps:

#1 Tip: Start the service by cleaning the lashes REALLY well with a lash extension safe foaming cleanser and microfiber wands. Remove ALL debris from the lash line. (Items to purchase: lash cleanser and microfiber wands).

#2 Tip: After cleansing, apply under eye pad and use witch hazel to prime and remove excessive protein. (Items to purchase: under eye pads and witch hazel)

#3 Tip: When applying, make sure all bases of your extensions are attached and flush with the natural lash. Use a strong and high quality glue. Swipe and drop to make sure you get maximum coverage. (These come in our lash kits.)

#4 Tip: End the service by drying and fine water misting the lashes. This cures the glue which is vitally important. (These come in our lash kits.)

#5 Tip: Educate your client to clean their lashes daily. Clean lashes last longer. (Items to purchase: lash cleansers with your logo on them).

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