Lash Extension Removals: Charge? Time? How long until lashes or a lift?

Your client wants to remove all her/his lash extensions. How much time should you plan for the service? How much should you charge? How long should the client wait before getting lash extensions reapplied? How about a lash lift?

how to remove eyelash extensions

Time of service: 15-60 minutes depending on how many lashes are still applied and how much glue was used. At our Denver studio, we plan for 45 minutes. We use a cream remover and usually have to remove a few at the end with our tweezers.

Charge: FREE to $50 depending on the situation and where you are located. We remove lash extensions for free at our Denver studio if the client has experienced an allergic reaction. We charge $35 for a regular removal in Denver, and we have seen removal charges up to $50 in more expensive cities such as Los Angeles.

How long before applying extensions again: You can apply right away if the conditions are right. After removing with your gel or cream, wash the lashes 2 times, prime with witch hazel, and do a quick swipe with a damp but not wet brush of rubbing alcohol. Also make sure the client's lashes are strong enough to apply. The client may want to wait 4-8 weeks to get them re-applied if their lashes look damaged.

How long before a lash lift: Right away if the client's lashes are healthy. After removing with gel or cream, cleanse twice, prime with witch hazel, and begin!

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